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Critics and Syntax

by Dirty Socialites

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released March 31, 2016

Gretta Smak- Guitar & Vocals
Derek Gullett- Guitar & Vocals
Jacob Broome- Bass & Synth Bass
Brendon Broome- Drums & Percussion
Recorded and Mixed- D. Gullett
Art- Trey Anderson



all rights reserved


Dirty Socialites Dayton, Ohio

Bleep, Blop, Bloop.

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Track Name: Some Kind Of Pinch
Line up to the left, circle which fits you best, no one gets a ride for free, It covers petty theft, safe from all the rest, did you fill out form B?, All the symptoms said it'll go to your head especially, when you're watching T.V., Circle your choice above, sent to you with love, please send it back to me, tell me what I don't know, hold to your chest, what you love the best, no one gets a guarantee.
Track Name: She Knows Everything About You
She Knows Everything about you, she knows all the things to say, and what you thought was cool, she knows your songs better than you do, she owns a better record collection that you do, I don’t want to be together, I just want to live forever, she knows everything about you, she does everything better than you do, she’s been there first before you, I don’t want to be together, I just want to live forever, she’s everything without you, she’ll tell you what to do and what you think is cool, I don’t want to be together I just want to live forever
Track Name: Shattered
This shout out at the shot of revolution, you’re shattered to me,your shot at a shiny revelation, you’re shattered to me, you’ll call in from station to station, you can’t follow me, come, come and dance when you shout out on it, I won’t shoot up, when you’re living on it. your life’s at stake, you cannot need me, your lies you seek, you’re decent to me, I am of it, I am gravity and, I am the freak, I am a malady, I am the beat, I am a melody, I cannot see cause I want to be, I am a burnout and a freak, write it on me, you got the right idea, you cannot see it, the write up, you just write it as you see, you’re a wild and free, You’re looking all  up at me, write as you see, you’re looking quite rudderless, I am still stuck, and I am photo less, I am ironic, but I am above all of this, I  cannot breathe, because I am suffocating, I could bleed, if you sold it to me, I cannot bleed, but I think, it cannot be, but then I see, probably, but I can see, you’re lying to me, You’re lost at the sea, was it so hard to admit, cause it was so hard to see, above all of it man, and they’re laughing at me, so hard to see, you cannot but in to believe, leave it be
Track Name: Hum In My Head
I don’t care what you say people judge me anyway
specially when I am riding in my rubberized car
monkey see and monkey do, tell me what I think of you, 
simon says you all are dead, by his hands we all are fed
I don’t care what they say people judge me anyway
Uh, Oh there he goes there’s no doubt about it
Track Name: Sound Of Satellite Stations
I cut down the cynics and critics too, I cut down to you, I sucked down the daydream, and I settled too, I wish it all to you, Sound of satellite stations 
echoing through to you, I cut down the satellite in the rainbow 
Frankensteins are my friends too, give up all the power I ever gave you
I ought to let it bend, maybe thats sadder times two sound of satellite stations echoing through to you, I left a good job to struggle with the status quo 
blaming all problems for you.
Track Name: It's a Camel's Straw That Broke The Needle That Broke The Boy
I don’t want to be the one to really know you suffer, I don’t want to be the one to tell you why, I don’t want to be the one to turn you in doper, I don’t want to be the one to make you feel like dying. Oh yeah you had until October, don’t let me tell you the reasons why, but if I lay it out you’ll never learn you’re lesson, but if i lay it out you’ll never even try, but if I gave into your daughter, you’ll ask your mother, she knows the reasons why
It’s the camels straw that broke the needle, but it’s the needle that broke the boy
it’s just one more drag until the end of December. Ask Atlanta, ask you’re brother Roy.
It’s the camels back that broke the snow in winter, it’s the needle that broke the camels boy, it’s the camel’s boy that broke the straw into timber, and in the end it’s all because of brother Roy. I hope the needle and the boy December
I lumped the straw against the camels eye, I passed through the  needle back into tinder, ask the professors who escapes and why, ride the island like you never knew it’s author, ride the island like you never want to die. Find out how father scape goats his guide. All the gold is buried back into the winter, on the excess snow will make mason jars to cry, hide away your tears and lie bold for your daughter. Put it on your grave and never wonder why. 
It’s a camels straw that broke the needle over, it’s an evil that broke mother’s boy and he said goodbye and walked away in winter, and he said goodbye and he shed a piece of pride.